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Common Questions Asked by Landowners

What exactly is a consulting forester?
A consulting forester is a full time, registered forester (in the state of Mississippi), with a degree in Forestry that provides forestry services to the public for a fee/commission. A forestry consultant does not buy your timber or have an interest in a company that does. Consulting foresters represent you the landowner.

Why would I consider using a consulting forester?
If you have inherited or recently purchased timberland you need a consulting forester.  A consulting forester can help establish your timber basis.  Basis is the amount of your invested money or the amount of purchase price, that in this case is attributed to timber value.  To calculate your net taxable income, your basis is subtracted from the gross sale income.  This can substantiallly reduce the amount of taxes you owe at the time of a timber sale, or will allow you to claim a loss in the event of a loss in the case of a casualty loss such as a storm or fire.

An improperly managed timberland property can cost a landowner thousands of dollars per acre.  Do you currently know what kind of growth rate your timber has?  Do you know if your timber is growing at all?  What if it is stagnate and not growing at all?  Do you know if your timber is at risk for wildfire, insects (Southern Pine Beetle) or disease?  Do you know if your timber is currently financially mature?  Do you currently have long range goals for your timberland and know how to achieve them?  If you answered no to any of these questions you need a consulting forester.

Do you have timber that you would like to sell but do not know where to turn or whom to ask? Then you need a consulting forester. Due to the length of time it takes for  trees to mature, the average landowner may only sell timber once or twice in their lifetime. This can have a negative outcome for the landowner in multiple ways. One is that you will have to live with the consequences of the timber sale for many years to come, good or bad. Another is that unless you sell timber on a regular basis, you as a landowner are not aware of the current timber market. Many landowners make the mistake of selling timber by themselves and do not receive full value for their timber. Foxworth Forestry Consultants represents the landowner; not the sawmill or logger, so the landowner's best interests are served.

Is it expesive to hire a consulting forester?
No, it is more expensive not to hire a consulting forester.  Never forget that timber is a long term investment.  What you do today will impact future income in many ways.  Usually a consulting forester's services pay for themselves in a short time frame.  In exteme conditions it may take more time to recoup the costs, but be assured the cost of the consultant will be recouped in the years to come with increased revenues from your timber land.  Typically a landowner can expect increased timber sale revenues anywhere from 10-100% by using a forestry consultant.